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Game Title Possibilities for Museums by Categories

We publish Designer games with high quality art and components that are often set in historical contexts and that reward players’ evolving skills. The production quality, artwork and themes make our games a great choice for Museum stores.

Modern tabletop games are a fun, effective and engaging way to learn everything from math to art and history to geography. Games make learning come alive as players compete, cooperate, learn from experience and develop strategies to meet their changing circumstances, all within a dynamic and fun-filled social environment.

Many games have historical themes that introduce or build upon knowledge of a certain time period. Others have an artistic theme or mechanic that calls upon a broad ability to think and act creatively. Whether focusing on specific knowledge or employing more generalized critical-thinking and communication skills, games have a connection to real-world situations that encourage growth and learning well beyond what is possible with more passive activities.

The following are lists of our game titles that relate to general topics. Selecting a title will take you to the listing for that game in our product catalog. Each listing contains a detailed description, images, reviews, awards and a sell sheet.

Our staff will be happy to answer questions, provide more information or to help guide you through the selection process of putting together an order that best suits your customer base and museum’s focus. We have various collections, series, packaging and price point options available.

Please contact our Director of Sales at 720-436-3483 or sales@eagle-gryphon.com and be sure to ask about our current specials and to join our newsletter list.

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