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Incan Gold


FRED is proud to announce that three games in the Gryphon Games Bookshelf Series have been selected as part of the Games 100 for 2010, including Roll Through the Ages as WINNER of the BEST FAMILY GAME! Looting London and Masters Gallery are also among the Games 100, which are sponsored by Games Magazine to honor its favorite games of the year.

The Gryphon Games Bookshelf Series is a numbered collection of book-size games that will appeal to a wide array of players of all ages. The games in this series are of medium-weight strategy, featuring short, clear rules playable in under an hour. The first thing you’ll notice about the Gryphon Games Bookshelf Series is our emphasis on high-quality art and superior graphics and production values. The game play is always snappy and innovative. The themes are fun and interesting. Catch people on their way back to board games with the Gryphon Games Bookshelf Series. Since we are committed to adding no fewer than three games a year to this collectible series, it is sure to be the talk of the gaming community for years to come.

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Incan Gold (Series #6)
You and your fellow adventurers explore the ruins of an ancient Incan temple, looking for turquoise, obsidian and gold. At every turn, you must decide whether to play it safe by returning to camp with the treasure you’ve gathered so far, or to be a truly intrepid adventurer and keep on exploring. Going further into the ruins means risking your treasure by falling victim to giant spiders, wandering mummies, fire spouts and venomous snakes! But priceless Incan artifacts are rumored to exist here… and you can be the one to discover them if you conquer your fears and forge ahead! What is your threshold for danger? How much treasure is enough for you? Find out by exploring Incan Gold, one of the top sellers of all time, for 3 – 8 players 8 years and older.
Looting London (Series #7)
London has been looted! Five of its rarest treasures have been stolen on the same night: one of the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London, gold bullion from the Bank of England, top secret files from Big Ben, a priceless Incan artifact from the British Museum, and a Van Gogh painting from the National Gallery. You are a famous London sleuth who needs to find the witnesses, collect the evidence, and recover the loot! The winning sleuth is the one who collects the most evidence and bonus points, and thus solves the Looting of London.
Birds on a Wire (Series #8)
You’ve heard the old saying: “Birds of a feather flock together”? Well, the same is true when they gather on wires -- that is, before they get zapped and fly away! On their own power lines, players arrange birds into sets of three, trying to create the best scoring combinations. Your birds need to be of the same color, the same size, all different colors, or all different sizes. But watch out! In this game of migrating birds and shocking zaps, scores go up and down and you won’t know until the very end if you have won! Birds on a Wire includes two sets of rules: one for families with children 7 and up and another for more advanced play.
Masters Gallery (Series #9)
In Masters Gallery, players are art critics and gallery owners. Each has his own favorite artist in this pantheon of greats—at least until the game begins. The cards in this game feature 30 of the most beautiful pieces of art ever created by Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, Degas and Vermeer. Over the course of four rounds, players use these cards to establish the relative value of each artist’s body of work. While values are determined by playing each artist’s cards, the best scores are awarded only for the cards that remain in the players’ hands. Revel in the beauty of Old Masters’ art, while enjoying the intriguing game of Masters Gallery.

Original Bookshelf Titles:

Money (Series #1)
Designed by this year’s Game of the Year winner Reiner Knizia, Money rules the world! It doesn’t matter whether you collect euros, dollars or yen as long as the exchange rate is in your favor. And the more you exchange, the more you can make – if you plan carefully and keep your wits about you. For 3-5 players, this 30 minute game provides an entertaining experience for families and gamers alike. Now published with beautiful new art to help players learn more about the world’s great currencies.
Roll Through the Ages (Series #2)
Build a thriving civilization -- in under an hour! Collect goods, assign workers to build cities and erect monuments, advance your civilization through cultural and scientific developments, but don't forget to harvest enough food to feed your growing population. Grab those dice and Roll Through the Ages! in this addictive and strategic new game from Matt Leacock, the designer of the incredibly popular Pandemic. Roll Through the Ages plays in 30-45 minutes. The game is for 1-4 players, ages 8 and up.
Gem Dealer (Series #3)
Throughout history, wealthy clients have sent gem dealers to search the world over for the finest stones to add to their fortunes. Taking the role of a gem dealer, you’ll need cunning, strategy and a little bluffing as you bid against 3-5 competitors for the precious stones that will complete your client's collection - and perhaps line your pockets as well! Also a classic design by the one and only Reiner Knizia!
For Sale! (Series #4)
Bid and bluff your way to purchase the most valuable real estate for the lowest amount of money. Then turn around and sell those houses (and shacks) for cold hard cash. Be the richest mogul at the end of the game to win this Stefan Dorra classic, which will be released in the Spring of 2009. Considered one of the finest bidding games of all time, For Sale has a devoted following of fans that is about to grow much, much larger.
High Society (Series #5)
In High Society, count yourself among the most influential and wealthy citizens of the late 19th century. You start with a personal fortune in cash and spend it on ostentatious possessions and shows of status while attempting to avoid disaster. Can you emerge victorious by amassing the greatest collection of possessions while still retaining more of your cash than at least one of your High Society rivals? This quick, multi-faceted game creates a nail-biting auction experience, and one that will surely become a favorite edition for generations of game lovers.


Age of Steam
Steam-belching iron horses roar West across the U.S. in the 1830’s. Relive the era of pioneering U.S. railroad companies that built the track and transformed America’s economy. The cut-throat action is centered on the industrial powerhouses of the growing nation: Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago, and beyond. The whistles blow and the trains rumble past, heralding the return of the Age of Steam. Listed #12 on the BoardGameGeek website’s list of the best games available in the world, it is generally considered the best Railroad game ever made and is excellent for students of history. This new edition supports 36 expansions that have been created over the past six years for this game – testimony to its enduring popularity!
The Roman god of wine, Bacchus, has organized three great Bacchanalias to be held in his honor. He has given his satyrs the enviable task of recruiting young nymphs to come to these wild parties. These lovely ladies dress very colorfully and love to romp and cavort with the satyrs… and oh boy, do they love to party! As a player, you are one of Bacchus’ satyrs. Your task is to gather together as many like-dressed nymphs at the bacchanalias as possible, driving up the point value of these stylish nymphs and scoring as much as possible in the process. So party on, you insatiable hoofed ones, all in the name of Bacchus!
To be the most successful prospector, you will need to establish tunnel networks that connect several veins of precious stones. Use your hard-earned haul to fulfill orders for beautiful jewelry, or sell the stones on the open market. But beware the other prospectors who may undercut your sales or make life hard under the mountain by redirecting or even dynamiting your network! Only the quick-witted and the cunning will succeed as you navigate the depths of Cavum!
Times were mighty hard for miners during the Gold Rush. Rival miners fought over the rights to the few productive gold, silver and copper mine sites. Then came the Desperados. Those gold thieves and mine robbers showed up in all shapes and sizes. It was best to have the help of a reliable partner to fight ‘em off. In Desperados, two players form just such a partnership in order to prospect and develop gold, silver and copper mines. So grab a partner and work those mines together, stay ahead of your rival prospectors, and watch out for those pesky Desperados!
Dos de Mayo
Dos de Mayo is a game with a distinctive historical theme based on the terrible events that took place in Madrid on May 2nd 1808. On that date, fed up with the abuse by French soldiers and sick of the indolence of Spanish authorities, many of whom acted in collusion with the occupying French troops, the people of the city rose up in arms against the best army of the time, in a desperate attempt to regain their pride through rebellion against the Napoleonic invaders. Dos de Mayo is a board game for two players, lasting around 20-30 minutes (even less for experienced players), in which each player controls the forces of one side, either Spanish or French. Nominated for Best 2-Player Strategy Game by International Games Award Group
Railways of the World
Railways of the World is the base game for our Railways Series, of which Railways of England and Wales (currently available) and Railways of Europe (due mid-2010), are expansions. Railways of the World includes a 30" X 36" mounted map of the Eastern U.S. plus a mounted map of Mexico, 150 molded trains in 6 all new colors and more and more and more and more...
Tumblin' Dice
Tumblin’ Dice is an award-winning tabletop game that combines the skill of shuffleboard with the roll of the dice for lots of fun, family entertainment. For 2 – 4 players, and taking 15 – 20 minutes to play each game, Tumblin’ Dice is sure to become a classic with all of your friends. Try to land your dice on the lowest (and smallest) scoring platform with the highest number side of the die facing up. Do this while knocking your opponents’ dice off the board entirely and increase your scoring potential. It all adds up to many hours of tumblin’ fun for the whole family. Winner of Major Fun Family and Major Fun Keeper awards!

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