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Eagle and Gryphon Flagship and Fleet Programs

To support our brick and mortar retailers, we have revamped our Flagship Store Program and added the Fleet Store Program (See below). Flagship stores gain a variety of perquisites (increased discounts on our titles, free shipping on quarterly or more frequent orders of $250 and more—see details below). This program is only available to brick and mortar retailers who, at a minimum, place regular quarterly orders and who sign the Exclusive Sales Agreement for FRED Distribution, Inc. covering the Boutique Line titles (limited print runs). The Agreement stipulates that these, and future Boutique titles, will not be sold for under Minimum Advertised Prices (MAP).

Why you should become a Flagship Store

Discounts of up to 53% off MSRP on all of our titles! (See Terms below)

Free Shipping on all orders of $250 or more!

Boutique Line titles: As a Flagship store, order Eagle/Gryphon Boutique Line titles such as Rococo and I’m the Boss at your Flagship membership price level. These limited print run titles will likely not be available through distribution!

Pre-order Incentive Plan (PIP): PIP is an alternative way to pre-order (and pre-sell) all of our Kickstarter (KS) project titles during the campaign & launch without having to participate in the campaign. You will receive all the stretch goals that are earned by each project as part of your order and you will receive delivery before the general public release. Financially you need only make an earnest money deposit of 20% and the balance due on delivery thus keeping your working capital available during the game production.

Retail Locator: Receive a highlighted listing in the RL on www.eagle-gryphon.com.

Demo Program: You may purchase up to 3 different demo titles of any game at 75% off MSRP when you place a direct order of $500 or more that includes at least 2 purchased copies of each requested demo. You may do this for as many qualifying orders as you like throughout the year, but never twice for the same game.

In-store visits: Arrange to have an Eagle/Gryphon Wingman or game designer (if available) do in-store game demos. Contact your sales representative for more information.

The Fleet Program

To support our smaller brick and mortar retailers, we have added the Fleet Program. As a Fleet store, you may order Eagle/Gryphon Boutique titles. Fleet stores must sign the Exclusive Sales Agreement for FRED Distribution, Inc. (described above). There is a limit of 6 copies per item in the Boutique Line, and the initial order must total $250 or more.

Flagship and Fleet Terms

Minimum Orders Membership Level Discount
Initial order of $1000, then $250 on a quarterly basis Flagship-Bronze 51%
Initial order of $2500, then $500 on a quarterly basis Flagship-Silver 52%
Initial order of $5000, then $1000 on a quarterly basis Flagship-Gold 53%
Initial order of $250, then $150 on a quarterly basis Fleet Member 49%

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