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Knowledge in a Box

"Games are participatory pastimes that encourage learning communities through the sharing of concepts and strategies, collaboration amongst players and reflection on personal performance… Play is powerful. It removes social barriers and provides a level of comfort that allows students to develop leadership skills and the confidence to present ideas to others."

-- Brian Mayer, School Library System of Genesee Valley BOCES.

Across the country, educational facilities from schools to public libraries are experiencing the unexpected: people of all ages coming together to … play. FRED Distribution was founded by educators who love board games and understand their educational and social significance. One of FRED’s goals is to help schools and libraries become vibrant learning centers, welcoming the students and patrons who are looking for a place to learn, play and socialize, and so the Knowledge in a Box program was developed.

Modern tabletop games are a fun, effective and engaging way to learn everything from facts to figures, from concepts to philosophies. Games make learning come alive as players compete, cooperate, learn from experience and develop strategies to meet their changing circumstances, all within a dynamic social environment.

Some games have historical themes that introduce or build upon knowledge of a certain time period. Others have an artistic theme or mechanic that calls upon a broad ability to think and act creatively. Whether focusing on specific curricular knowledge or employing more generalized critical-thinking skills, games have a connection to real-world situations that drive learning well beyond what is possible with more passive activities.

FRED can help educational facilities bolster their game collections and game playing activities:

  • Schools and libraries can buy FRED games and game components at special wholesale prices using Purchase Orders

In addition, FRED is making available sample curricula showing how teachers and librarians can use many of our games to meet state and national educational standards. We work with educators who specialize in curriculum development to take “authentic” games – games that are made for play, not strictly for teaching purposes – and adapt them for use in any learning environment. Click here to see the Knowledge in a Box resources.

Schools and libraries that embrace the idea of knowledge in a box and games as learning tools will soon find a potent community of game enthusiasts, eager to interact and build connections between the generations and extend learning well beyond the learning environment.

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