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Take it Easy: May/June 2009 Teachers' Picks by Instructor magazine
Take It Easy is a staff favorite, and an excellent and accessible game for all levels of players. This is a new edition of the out-of-print favorite, a true multi-player solitaire game in which each player individually completes a hexagon-shaped board with spots for 19 hexagon tiles.

Stoplights: May/June 2009 Teachers' Picks by Instructor magazine
Stoplights is a clever, strategic 1-3 player card game that will challenge adults, yet can be played with a four-year old. Learning to play Stoplights will take less than a minute, and games typically last 10-15 minutes.

Arthur™ Saves the Planet: Endorsed by PBS Kids
Arthur™ and his friends face one of the biggest challenges of their young lives, and he’s inviting the next generation of Arthur™ fans to help him! Mixing critical thinking skills with two sets of accessible rules for younger and older children alike, Arthur™ Saves the Planet does a wonderful job of proving that children’s board games can be both fun and educational.

Roll Through the Ages: Winner of "Best Family Game", and nominated for "Game of the Year"
Build a thriving civilization -- in under an hour! Collect goods, assign workers to build cities and erect monuments, advance your civilization through cultural and scientific developments, but don't forget to harvest enough food to feed your growing population. Grab those dice and Roll Through the Ages! in this addictive and strategic new game.

Looting London: Nominated for "Best Family Card Game"
London has been looted! Five of its rarest treasures have been stolen on the same night: one of the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London, gold reserves from the Bank of England, top secret files from Big Ben, a priceless Incan artifact from the British Museum, and a Van Gogh from the National Gallery. Can you interview the witnesses, gather their clues, apprehend the thieves and recover the loot?

Masters Gallery: Nominated for "Best Family Card Game"
In Masters Gallery, the players are art critics and gallery owners. All have their own favorite artist in this pantheon of greats—or at least they do until the game begins. Tastes and opinions about each artist’s value change constantly in the world of Old Masters art. No one has more influence on those values than the players in this game.

For Sale: Major Fun Award
Bid and bluff your way to purchase the most valuable real estate for the lowest amount of money, then turn around and sell those houses (and shacks) for cold hard cash. Be the richest mogul at the end of the game to win this Stefan Dorra classic.

Worm Up: Major Fun Award
Worm your way to the finish line as you try to out-guess and out-smart your opponents! But don’t be surprised if the worms take an unexpected turn. Fast, frolicking family fun! Alex Randolph wasn’t just a game author; many consider him to be the archetype of game authors. This game is an homage to his memory.

Tumlin' Dice: Major Fun "Keeper"
Jump! Bump! And tumble your way to victory!

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