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Fantastiqa: The Rucksack Edition
Fantastiqa: The Rucksack Edition

Year: 2014
Players: 2 - 4
Time: 45 - 60 minutes
Ages: 8 and up

Rules PDF

Welcome to the wild, weird world of FANTASTIQA! The Rucksack edition offers all the fun of the Enchanted edition for a lightweight price! Fantastiqa is a deck-building board game set in a fantastical landscape of dark forests, mist-shrouded highlands, and frozen wastes. As you and your foes journey around the board, you will subdue strange creatures and fulfill quests. Each creature you encounter has an ability and a vulnerability. Manipulating these, you can subdue and recruit new creatures. Each creature you recruit is added to your expanding deck of cards, making its special ability your own! By combining the powers of different creatures, you can fulfill quests to score victory points and claim other special rewards. Some of the creatures you encounter carry precious gems, which you can spend to purchase powerful artifacts or to summon mythical beasts to your aid. You begin with a handful of household items, but you will grow in power as you adventure and gather allies! The board changes every time you play, so prepare for a new, exciting adventure each time you enter the world of Fantastiqa!

FANTASTIQA is easy to learn but challenging to master – a game for families and gamers alike. Additional simplified rules are included for beginning players and children.

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  • Compass Token
  • 4 Player Reference Cards & Adventure Kits
  • 3 Card Supply Tokens
  • 6 Circular Region Tiles
  • 6 Wooden Statues
  • 60 Gems
  • 29 Artifact; 18 Beast; and 45 Quest cards
  • 59 Creature cards
  • 4 Quest Goal cards
  • 16 Peaceful Dragon cards
  • 12 one-point Bonus Tokens
  • 16 Flying Carpet and 12 Reshuffle Tokens
  • 4 Dog Cards
  • 1 Reference Sheet/Glossary
  • Rulebook

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