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Age Of Steam Expansion: Southern US / Western US
Age Of Steam Expansion: Southern US / Western US

Year: 2014
Players: 2 - 6
Time: 120 minutes
Ages: 13 and up
Weight: 1,800 grams

Age of Steam: Expansion maps for the Southern US & Western US are exciting new additions for the highly popular Age of Steam board game series. Age of Steam is currently ranked # 29 overall for strategy games and #43 for board games on BoardGameGeek.com.

The Southern US map ranges from New Orleans to Raleigh and from Memphis to Jacksonville. Cotton goods are used in this expansion which focuses on the Old South.

The Western US Map ranges from Los Angeles to Duluth and from Seattle to New Orleans. This game has special rules involving the transcontinental networks.

  • Towns start with goods cubes that are lost when the town is urbanized; and
  • New terrain playing area of swamps.

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Game Board
  • 1 double sided map-board
  • Game Rules

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