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Nika (PIP) Pre-Order Incentive Progam-6 copies of Nika + bonus 4-page strategy guide to Nika

Nika is a board game inspired by Ancient Grecian warfare, and named after the Greek word for "Conquer". In Nika, players will play as factions in one of two ancient Greek alliances (Sparta and Thebes or Athens and Messene) as they vie for control of the battlefield. Nika takes places on a rectangular board, with each faction's ally placed on the opposite side of the rectangle. The goal is for a faction to deliver a piece into their ally's starting area, or facilitate their ally's ability to deliver a piece into their own starting area. To do this however, they must traverse enemy territory, putting themselves far away from their own staging ground and close to the enemy's. To be victorious, players will have to use their troops to push an enemy backwards, and then rout the enemy with flanking attacks. Although routed units can be rallied at any time, doing so costs precious actions, both to rally the piece and to move them from the rally point back into the action. If you can punch a hole in the line of your enemy and deliver a unit past enemy-controlled territory, you've won the game and the right to call "Nika!"

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