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Fantastiqa: Special Delivery Expansion
Fantastiqa: Special Delivery Expansion

This expansion for Fantastiqa lets you become an Adventurer for Hire! Fantastiqa is required for you to play.


18 Special Delivery Cards (3 per terrain type; all 18 cards have unique flavor text) 8 +1 Point Bonus Tokens

Special Delivery cards reward your Adventurers for performing escort and delivery missions to Regions all over Fantastiqa. Special Deliveries may not always be glamorous, but the pay is good!

Examples include:

Return Five Stolen Chin Hairs to the Brooding Bridge Ogre Brenda!

Deliver a Supply of Decaffeinated Brew to the Nervous Necromancers of Groo!

Return the Forbidden Tome of Terrors -- Unopened! -- to the Lonely Librarian Lyria. (This book is overdue.)

Summary: Each player begins the game with one Special Delivery card. Each card shows one of the six Regions in Fantastiqa (Fields, Forests, Frozen Wastelands, Hills, Highlands, or Wetlands). If you end your turn in a Region marked on your Special Delivery card, you complete the Special Delivery and add one Gem to your supply. You also keep the Special Delivery card (turn it face-down on your Adventurer Placard). Then redraw a new Special Delivery (you will always have one active Special Delivery card available.) Trade in three completed Special Delivery cards for one +1 Point Bonus Token.

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