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Fantastiqa: Treasure Hunter Expansion
Fantastiqa: Treasure Hunter Expansion

In the Treasure Hunter Expansion for Fantastiqa, you stumble upon a curious collection of Treasure Maps. Use these maps—-and your dog-—to dig up mysterious treasures all over Fantastiqa! A new Victory Cup Quest is also added to the game (more on this exciting Quest below...)

Fantastiqa is required for you to play.


At the beginning of the game, one Treasure Map card is hidden face-down underneath the Quest Goal card. This Treasure Map indicates the Region where the Victory Cup is located--a final Quest required for victory!

During the game, one Treasure Map card is always visible as an Open Quest for any player to fulfill. To fulfill a Treasure Map Quest, a player must travel to the Region showing on the Treasure Map and dig there (using his "Dig Dog"). On doing this, the player claims one +1 Point Bonus Token and one Mystery Token (see below). The Treasure Map card is discarded face-up at the bottom of the Treasure Map deck and a new Treasure Map card is displayed on top (reshuffle as needed).

When one player reaches the Quest Goal, the Victory Cup Quest tucked beneath the Quest Goal is revealed, face-up, for all to see. The first player who fulfills both of the following conditions wins the game: a) the player’s score meets or exceeds the Quest Goal, and b) the player uses a “Dig” symbol (on his Dog card) to unearth the Victory Cup from the Region showing on the card.

List of Mystery Tokens:

Artifact: Draw one Artifact from the top of the Artifact deck and claim it for free. Immediately add it to your hand.

Beast: Draw one Beast from the Beast deck and claim it for free. Immediately add it to your hand.

Flying Carpet: Fly to any adjacent Region over a marked road. (Just like a regular Magic Carpet token.)

Magic Compass: Travel to any Region diagonally adjacent to your own (i.e., across the terrain occupied by an Open Quest card).

Pocket Portal: Teleport to any Region.

Potion of Persuasion: Use the potion to subdue any adjacent Creature while Adventuring (move your Adventurer as usual). Immediately add this Creature to your hand.

Secret Stash: The token is worth 4 Gems. These Gems do not count against you when the Mischievous Raven appears or when other players use Artifacts like the Rogue’s Purse. They cannot be stolen by the Mischievous Raven or by other players. Use these Gems just like regular Gems when purchasing items. No change is given.

Image Gallery:

  • 12 Treasure Map cards (2 for each Region)
  • 14 Mystery Tokens (see details below)
  • 12 +1 Point Bonus Tokens

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