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Baltimore & Ohio: Expansion Pack
Baltimore & Ohio: Expansion Pack

Players: 3 - 6
Time: 120 - 180 minutes
Ages: 13 and up
Weight: 240 grams (estimated)

Included in this Baltimore & Ohio Expansions Set are four distinct expansions for Eagle Games' Baltimore & Ohio game. All four expansions may be used simultaneously or player's may select any combination of expansions.

The Norfolk & Western expansion adds another railroad to the base game, the famous coal carrying N&W Railroad. This expansion includes an N&W charter, 10 N&W stocks, 10 color coded wood cubes, 5 Coal counters and an N&W Valuation counter

The Technology Level 7 expansion extends the historical period of the game to 1945. Five new Technology Level 7 train cards are included.

The Robber Barons expansion introduces important economic interests into the development of the railroads in America. Eight Robber Barons cards are included with this expansion; Steel Producers, Detroit Auto Manufacturers, Trans-Atlantic Shippers, Locomotive Builders and Wall Street Financiers are just some of the cards.

The Maine Lumber expansion brings the importance of the Northeastern US logging industry to the game and a special counter is included with this expansion.

Each of the 4 stand-alone expansions may be used with the full range of players allowed in the standard Baltimore & Ohio game.

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  • 9" x 3" x 1" game box
  • 1 company charter boards
  • 10 wood cubes (1 color)
  • 12 different capital equipment cards
  • 7 Game markers
  • Rulebook

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