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What's My Word Travel Edition
What's My Word Travel Edition

Year: 2012
Players: 2
Time: 45 - 60 minutes
Ages: 10

“Mastermind for word junkies. An addictive treat, an absolute gem….” ~~ Nataline V-F, California

“Very crisp, very replayable…as challenging as it is satisfying. For fans of word games, it is absolutely essential.” ~~ Antonio R-M, Berlin, Germany

“One of the best two-player word games ever created.” ~~ Ed H., Florida

“Simple rules make it easy to pick up; complex thinking makes it fun to play. Great for anyone who likes wordplay or puzzles…” ~~ Jack B., North Carolina

What’s My Word?™ was first published in 1972 by Gamut of Games under the name “My Word”. This classic game has been called “the best two-player word game ever invented” by more than one critic. An easy-to-learn and challenging-to-play fast-moving game of word deduction, What’s My Word?™ is a two-person race to detect each other’s secret word by piecing together clue after clue. Great for travel . . . play it anywhere.

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  • 4 Pads of scoring sheets
  • Rules for playing the game

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