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Valdora Extra
Valdora Extra

Players: 2 - 5
Time: 45 - 60 minutes
Ages: 10

“The special cards are interesting and add a layer to the game without dominating it. Overall if you like the base game, this expansion is worth it.” ~~Doobermite on BGG

This is an expansion to Valdora and can only be played with a copy of Valdora.

It contains:

  • A beautifully crafted metal miniature book as a player marker
  • Material for “Valdora: The Duel”, a 2‐player variant
  • Special cards ‐also useable in the game for two!

The special cards are the heart of this expansion. There are two different types of special cards: cards that give the player points if he meets certain conditions, and map cards that award special bonuses for the rest of the game.

All copies of Valdora Extra also come with Valdora: Special Board 19. This special board allows players, once per game, to discard as many different colored craftsman tiles as indicated by the figure on the board.

Image Gallery:

Photo 1
  • 1 End of Round Miniature
  • 6 Competition Tiles for the 2-Player Game
  • 20 Special cards
  • 4 Blank cards
  • 5 Summary Sheets
  • 1 Rule Insert

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