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Incan Gold
International Edition

Mensa Best Mind Game Award Mensa Best Mind Game Award
MENSA Select Winner 2011

Players: 2 - 4
Time: 40 - 60 minutes
Ages: 10
Weight: 1,990 grams (estimated)

“Pastiche…is stripped down to the core of art creation: get colors, mix colors, paint. The game comes across as both highly abstract and deeply thematic.”
~~Eric Martin news editor of BoardGameGeek.com

“Pastiche helps enhance art appreciation… you get to enjoy and admire some great paintings while you're playing! It’s elegant, it's beautiful, and it works!”
~~Ender Wiggins on BGG.com

“If you’re looking for a pleasant game with great visuals that you can play even with non-gamers, check out Pastiche.”
~~Jonathan H. Liu, www.wired.com/geekdad

“The game components in Pastiche are amazing. Great quality from the famous art works on the canvas cards, to the rest of the game.”
~~ ghostbusterbob on BGG.com

A world of beautiful colors comes alive as players choose commission cards picturing 34 of the finest European art works of the past six centuries. Players score their commissions by mixing primary colors through clever tile placement, and recreating the palette of colors used by the masters. Explore the paintings, palettes and pasts of the artists in this unique and challenging family game. The International Edition of Pastiche adds 8 wooden easels to hold player’s commission cards. It also replaces 15 commission cards from the 1st edition, and now features some of the best-known paintings found in U.S. art museums including works by: Georges Seurat, Mary Cassatt, Winslow Homer, Auguste Renoir, Jan Vermeer and more!

International Rules:

International Reference Card:

While placing hexagonal pieces to gain palette (color) cards, players become familiar with the different color combinations that produce the many hues of an artist’s palette... all listed on the Player Reference Card. Players also learn to recognize many great artists and their works as they complete commissions.

Image Gallery:

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  • 8 Easels to hold players’ commission cards
  • Game Board
  • 131 Palette Cards
  • 54 Palette Hexes & 1 Three-Hex Starting Piece
  • 34 Commission Cards reproduced from the Bridgeman Art Library
  • 4 Player Reference Cards
  • Rulebook in 5 languages (English, German, French, Italian, and Dutch)

The 14 removed and new commission cards, as well as the easels, are available separately as expansions. See the Pastiche Expansions and Easels sell sheet for more information.

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