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Incan Gold

Year: 2011
Players: 2 - 6
Time: 30 - 45 minutes
Ages: 8 and up
Weight: 455 grams

Through skillful trading and re-trading, each player attempts to gain the right combination of colored stones from the Bank to purchase the wares displayed in the Bazaar. Values of the various wares are determined by the number of stones the purchaser holds following his transaction. Trading is governed by the current rates posted at the Exchange. When all the wares from two of the stalls have been sold, the Bazaar is closed, the game ends, and the player with the highest score wins!

Image Gallery:

  • 100 Glass Stones
  • 10 Exchange Cards
  • 45 Ware Cards
  • 1 Special Die
  • 6 Player Reference Cards

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