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Age of Steam: Box Exp. Moon/Berlin
Age of Steam: Box Exp. Moon/Berlin

Players: 2 - 6
Time: 120 minutes
Ages: 13 and up
Weight: 800 grams

Age of Steam: Moon and Berlin Wall Maps are exciting new expansions for the popular Age of Steam board game series.

The Moon Map is viewed as “spherical” so track can be built off the edges and connect on the opposite side of the board… play is also affected by the Night & Day phases of the moon. Players must build from the central hex (which counts as a city but has no color or goods) or cities linked to it. The Engineer action now enables players to build 3 pieces of track. Another new action, Low Gravitation, allows the use of 1 link belonging to another player during goods and movement phases.

The Berlin Wall Map features a new Engineer action allowing the building of 3 pieces of track or removing one red track marker from the board. Goods may only be delivered from east to west (or vise versa) through holes in the wall by removing the red track markers. Red cubes represent the Soviet Army and Blue cubes the American, British and French forces and movement of these cubes is restricted until the round marker reaches the red player marker that was placed at the start of the game….at this point all restrictions are removed!

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  • 1 Double-sided Map Board
  • Game Rules
  • Box for Expansion Maps

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