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Worm Up! - Gryphon Edition
Worm Up! - Gryphon Edition

Major FUN Major FUN
Major Fun Award 2009

Year: 2011
Players: 3 - 5
Time: 15 - 20 minutes
Ages: 5 and up
Weight: 455 grams

"Positively dripping with fun ... Worm Up! is the perfect way to warm up your fellow gamers or just to get some chuckles rolling on a lunch break. I can't recommend the game highly enough… add it to your collection! ~~J.P. Decosse on boardgamegeek.com

"This wonderful little jewel is one of the games I like most... Fast, frolicking family fun!" ~~Leo Colovini, games designer

"It's good for families… It's good for kids. It's a good game to play between more serious games. Gentle fun. A happy little diversion. If I were Alex Randolph, the designer of the game, I would consider it a minor masterwork." ~~Bernie DeKoven, Major Fun

Out-maneuver your fellow “worms” in this fast, frolicking family game. Designed by the remarkable Alex Randolph, Worm Up! is a game of fun involving luck, strategy, and just the perfect amount of total chaos.

Each player must choose a unique number to reveal on their die. Successful players move their worm’s segments from the back to the front (or vice versa, if need be), according to their selected number. Weaving around and cutting off other players or moving the finish line is both encouraged and expected… sometimes forcing other players to wriggle their worm’s segments in reverse. You can’t tell until the very end which worm will end up crossing the finish line first to win the game!

Image Gallery:

  • 4 Posts
  • 5 Sets of 7 colored Worm Segments
  • 5 Brightly colored dice
  • 1 Finish Line
  • Rules

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