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Stoplights [tin box]
Stoplights [tin box]

Scholastic Teachers' Pick Scholastic Teachers' Pick
Teachers' Pick 2009

Players: 1 - 3
Time: 10 - 15 minutes
Ages: 4 and up
Weight: 400 grams

A clever, strategic 1-3 player game, Stoplights will challenge both adults and four-year-olds. Learning to play Stoplights will take less than a minute and games typically last 10 – 15 minutes. Draw a card, play a card, maybe cover a card – it’s fast and addictive. The first player to get five lights of the same color in one row wins! But CAUTION, once you GO for it, you won’t STOP playing Stoplights!

Each player takes a set of four cards with red, yellow or green – just like a typical stoplight! You win if you are the first to place 5 cards in a row, diagonally or horizontally (not vertically) with wild cards and blockers making this more difficult than you might think.

Stoplights is a perfect game to introduce strategic thinking, logic and patterns to children while taking turns with friends. It’s portable, fun and offers a level of challenge that will make you want to pull it out again and again.

2009 Teachers’ Pick by Scholastic’s Instructor Magazine.

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