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Incan Gold

Players: 2 - 4
Time: 30 minutes
Ages: 8 and up
Weight: 400 grams (estimated)

A futuristic robot auction game with some dodgy mechanics!

Tomorrow's world is here today! A world where strange and crazy robots are built in a crackpot factory, and the players (mechanics) compete to collect them as they -fall off- become available on the conveyor belt. Fzzzt! is a five-round, set-collecting, sci-fi auction game with robots and production units individually sold to the highest bidder. Mechanics pay for new cards using the power (zaps) of one or more robot cards in hand which include those previously purchased.

Mechanics can also assign cards to production units for bonus points. The winner is the mechanic with the most points.

The Fzzzt! Expansion is also available. This 19 card pack introduces a 5th and 6th player to the bidding and adds even more fun to the game.

Fzzzt! was the Award Winner for Best Card Game at the 2009 UK Games Expo.

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  • 56 playing cards
  • Rules for playing the game

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