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Railways of Europe
Railways of Europe

Weight: 1,814 grams (estimated)

It is mid 19th century Europe. The railroads that first appeared in England are now appearing on the European mainland. Wealth and prestige await the player who can tap into the resources and demands of the continent. Do you build through the mountains of Southern Europe, or across the expanse of Eastern Russia? If you are fortunate enough, maybe you can sign a charter agreement with a strategically located town or even a capital. A continent awaits for the Railways of Europe.

Rails of Europe is an expansion map for Railways of the World. You will need the pieces from the basic game (track and city tiles, shares, money, empty city markers, trains and first player marker) to play Railways of Europe.

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  • one 30" X 36" map
  • rule book
  • deck of cards (operation cards and baron cards)

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