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Best Family Card Game Nominee 2011

Players: 2 - 5
Time: 45 - 60 minutes
Ages: 8 and up
Weight: 700 grams

It’s Harvest Time!

In Cornucopia, your goal is to fill your basket with a bountiful collection of fruits and vegetables while at the same time, correctly predicting how long it will take you to fill your basket.

You can try to assemble a basket with only one type of fruit or vegetable, which is difficult to do; or you can try to collect the entire range of harvest products. In either case, you want to complete your harvest as efficiently as possible to earn the most coins.

Players can bet and win more coins by correctly predicting the outcome (success or failure) of opponents’ efforts to assemble their harvest, so players stay involved and engaged in the game even when it is not their turn!

Cornucopia’s gameplay is deceptively simple but both the bidding and scoring systems add an enjoyable level of strategy to the game. It all adds up to a Cornucopia of great fun for the whole family!

“There are elements of press-your-luck and risk assessment, the result of a fascinating combination of set collection and a wagering mechanic that keeps everyone involved at all times, so there's lots of fun, excitement, whooping, and hollering as cards are turned over... just wanted to keep playing it again and again.”
~~Ender Wiggins on Boardgame Geek

Image Gallery:

106 cards: 66 fruit & vegetable cards; 5 basket cards; 30 bidding cards; 5 thumbs up/thumbs down cards
105 coins: 30 yellow coins; 45 blue “betting” coins; 30 red coins
5 player reference cards
1 Rule Booklet

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