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Incan Gold

Players: 2 - 4
Time: 20 - 40 minutes
Ages: 8 and up
Weight: 340 grams

In the Queen’s service, the Musketeers are trying to acquire three valuable gems. However, the Cardinal and his dreaded Guards are out to sabotage the Musketeers’ mission. Many skirmishes between the Musketeers and the Guards ensue. The most successful Musketeers will be awarded gems. Those who fail will be sent to prison and will remain empty handed. The game is played to 100 points, with victory going to an individual player.

Easy-to-learn rules and short playing times make for great entertainment in this fast paced cooperative, yet also very competitive, card game. En Garde!

“The cards you are dealt, have nothing to do with whether you will win or not. I had the worst cards for 4 of 5 hands, but I won anyway! Fans of "Liars Dice" will love this game. I like this game a lot.”
~~Mark Crocker from Boardgamegeek.com

“Offbeat, fast and interesting. Unusual blind-bidding with some nice twists, including a cooperative element set against individual scoring. All for one and one for all!”
~~Terry Egan from Boardgamegeek.com

Target Audience:
• Families , young and old alike
• Casual to advanced gamers
• Educators who want to use games to promote math and literature

Core Information:
• Card game with elegant mechanics
• Award winning game
• Beautiful and engaging art
• Develops teamwork and cooperative play between partners.

Image Gallery:

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• 76 playing cards
• Rules for playing the game
• Elegant tin box

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