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Incan Gold
Cheeky Monkey
by Reiner Knizia
Cheeky Monkey

Year: 2012
Players: 2 - 6
Time: 15 minutes
Ages: 7 and up
Weight: 700 grams (estimated)

"Very cute and quick. Can't Stop-ish with a lot more theme." -- Marissa Shipp, BGG.com

"Awesome press-your-luck filler. Simple mechanics but has some dynamic excitement." --Jim Paprocki, BGG.com

“This is a really, really good game for families with children that plays quickly, and has a great fun factor.…with all ages…, and generates laughter and excitement.” --Ender Wiggins on BGG

Cheeky Monkey provides barrels of fun for all ages as players challenge each other to push their luck to the limit while trying to amass the most valuable collection of wild animals. You can draw as many chips as you want from the plush “Cheeky Monkey” bag, but don’t be too “cheeky” or you’ll find yourself returning your current catch to the bag!

There are 8 different animal chips with distribution from 3 elephants to 10 monkeys creating some nice basic probability and statistics that children catch on to quickly. This adds a nice challenge for adults too. Opportunities exist to steal the top chips from your opponents; adding some fun and hilarity without being too mean, so be careful how you organize your animal stack.

Each of the 8 animal bonus disks have a map on the back showing the main habitat of that particular species as well as some good basic facts geared to the younger players interested in the “Cheeky Monkey” menagerie.

Image Gallery:

  • “Plush” Cheeky Monkey Bag
  • 52 Animal Tokens
  • 8 Bonus Disks
  • Rules

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