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Age of Empires III now known as Empires: The Age of Discovery
Age of Empires III now known as Empires: The Age of Discovery

Year: 2007
Players: 2 - 5
Time: 90 - 120 minutes
Ages: 10 and up
Weight: 1,829 grams

It is the late 15th century and a new age is dawning. While searching for a new trade route to India, explorers have discovered a new land. The first reports tell of strange creatures, exotic people and fabulous wealth. Captains and adventurers flock to these new lands in search of gold. They are quickly followed by colonists, soldiers, merchants and missionaries all seeking wealth of one kind or another. Colonies spring up, and soon competition among the great nations of Europe begins.

Take the role of one of Europe's colonial powers and stake your claim in the New World. As the leader of your nation, there are many paths that lead to victory: discover and colonize new lands; acquire trade goods that will build your economy; develop new technologies and infrastructure in your home country; build your merchant fleet to dominate the trade routes and build your army to defend what is rightfully yours!

The triumphant revel in riches and glory, while the vanquished become a footnote in the history books. It is an Age of Discovery... it is an Age of Empires!

  • Explore the New World, discovering and claiming new lands for your empire
  • Gather resources to develop your economic infrastructure
  • Build structures that give you advantages in resources or victory points
  • Use specialists to give you the strategic advantage over your opponents
  • Go to war to defend what is yours or take what is not

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