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Destination Trésor
Destination Trésor

Year: 2002
Players: 2
Time: 45 minutes
Ages: 12 and up
Weight: 1,500 grams

You are an adventurer, and have parachuted down somewhere on a lost island located deep in the South Seas to hunt for a fabulous treasure. Naturally, you are not alone on this island: you have an opponent, another adventurer who has also parachuted down. Like you, he has but one goal -- to find the legendary treasure.

Destination Trésor is an exciting game of deduction that is full of suspense. Careful thought and reasoning, or even bluffing will provide the participants with many hours of exciting fun. Only the first adventurer who discovers where the treasure is hidden will come out the winner of this hunt -- so look for clues and find your way to the legendary treasure before your opponent does!

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  • 2 game boards
  • 2 locator guides
  • 1 clue checker
  • 28 2-sided locator cards
  • 2 equipment kits
  • 210 2-sided terrain markers
  • 2 erasable markers

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